Intervention is the crucial element in all security precautions taken! Without a comprehensive fit-for-purpose operational intervention network, escorting and monitoring trucks is generally pointless in case of a threat or an actual incident.
In case of an anomaly, it is essential to act immediately and involve local partners
and/or police.

For almost two decades, The Cargo Security.Company had had a comprehensive European partner network and an EN 505185/UL827 certified control room, enabling us operationally and legally to involve local law enforcement services across Europe.

We distinguish between Security intervention Services and Police intervention Services. 

Security intervention Services: includes sending a The Cargo Security.Company RMO (Risk Management Officer) to a customer’s truck in distress. Mostly used for trucks with high value, that cannot reach their intended destination, due to driving hours’ restrictions, technical problems, heavy traffic, driver health issues etc. 

Police intervention Services: includes notifying (local) police authorities and requesting them to undertake immediate action in case of a threat, suspicious situation or actual incident.

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