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Cargo Crime is one of the biggest supply chain challenges for manufacturers of high value, high risk products and their logistics service providers.

But every problem has a solution! The Cargo Security.Company provides Security Escorts throughout Europe including a 24/7 EN 50518/UL827 certified Truck Monitoring Control room with European intervention capabilities.

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Are you looking for a security provider specialized in transport and logistics security, with support centres throughout Europe? That is able to perform security escorts anywhere in Europe, can monitor your trucks from our EN 50518/UL827 certified control room and can arrange for (police)intervention across Europe?

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About us

The Cargo Security.Company provides custom security solutions for both national and international distribution flows of valuable assets and/or at risk cargo.

In order to help companies manage and improve the distribution of valuable assets, The Cargo Security.Company focuses primarily on security solutions for the complete supply chain tailored to the needs of each customer. Our experience and expertise enable us to identify risks and implement effective security solutions complying with international standards in the cargo security industry.

Based on a preliminary identification of threats and weaknesses we offer our customers a comprehensive range of security services with leading technologies, products and industry professionals. Although no single solution will stop all criminal activity directed towards valuable or at risk cargo, our program ensures optimal protection of your goods and assets against theft or loss.

About us